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Flashback to fash forward, Its all about vintage fashion…

If you love clothes, love the freedom and self-expression afforded by styling your outfit from underwear to overcoat, you might (like me) have been disturbed by recent reports on fast-fashion as an eco-disaster. With how we dress being a key way in which many of us communicate our mood, personality and culture to the world, the thought that we may have to sacrifice that to save our planet is far from comfortable.

“According to the UN, it takes 7500 litres of water,
enough for one person to drink for seven years,
to make a single pair of jeans.”

As with all environmental issues, this one is complex. Some 300,000 tonnes of clothes went into landfill in the UK last year and synthetic fibres take anything from 20-200 years to break down. Plus, according to the UN, it takes 7500 litres of water (enough for one person to drink for seven years) to make a single pair of jeans and the fashion industry is responsible for more carbon emissions each year than international flights and shipping combined fast-fashion is costing the earth.

What’s the environmentally conscious fashion person to do? One thing we can do is to buy vintage. Using something that would otherwise end up in landfill has got to be a step in the right environmental direction.
Let’s start by all trying to buy more vintage eh.

Words by Sian Tyrrell

Pic model by fence shot by Sian T. Photography.  Model: Ashley Harris. Makeup by Viktoria Kohl. 1970s true-vintage flared trousers with modern, vintage styled top.

Big thanks to the shop “To be worn again” for letting us take some pics of the shop – https://tobewornagain.co.uk

Street style pic – thanks to Flur and Sian for doing quick pose on the street in their vintage styles 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/fflur.rhian/ https://www.instagram.com/sian.c.davis/

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