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HEY BOY….. Meet Zack.. his entire wardrobe is from the 19th century and majority of it made by his own hands.

Words by Fuchsia Aurelius.

I would like to tell you about the most extraordinary Man. A man of Brighton who at the tender age of 25 has made a thriving business in the world of tailoring. Now I know what you are thinking nothing special about that, but that is were you are from as this exceptional young man makes only historical clothing. And even more refreshing is the fact that he does not wear modern clothing at all. His entire wardrobe is that from the 19th century. The majority of it being made by his own hands.

Now I can hear you thinking why are you talking about a man from Brighton when this is a woman’s mag. Well you see this man, who I had never met until a little under a year ago gave me a purpose. I think it is good if I start from the beginning.

You see a year and a half ago I was homeless living in and out of hotels along the East coast. It was a difficult time and not only because I am aversely disabled but because I knew no one down here. I was trawling Instagram trying to keep my modelling work going when I came across a man which caught my eye. I have a background in history and costume making but here was a man who was living it and I had an epiphany. This young mans name who has changed my life is Zack Pinsent.

Trawling through is Instagram I came to realise that I was living a lie. I was stuck in a dull damp hotel room with a suitcase of clothes I had brought from discount high street store, clothes I didn’t even like, when I had the skill and time to make my own clothes. I could make dresses and the like that fitted me perfectly and that I could adjust for life in a wheelchair.

It all became clear, I added him and the rest they say is history. Now after little under a year, I dress to match him and no we are not an item, we are both gay which confuses people a lot when they see us out together. And even though I have been making clothes since before he was born, I have learnt so so much, I have even come to do some work for him. We have become fast friends. You could say he has changed my life and given me something I thought I would never find, the licence to be who I want to be. He has opened up my eyes.

Now his work are not only historically correct to what ever time you require them from, although he really does specialise in 19th century, all his material is ethically sourced and made in Brighton and the Rodhus Studios. You could not get more locally made to measure clothing. He has also become so popular that woman have started to ask him to make clothes for them also. You have to admit that that is a bloody good success story. You would honestly find it hard to find another so skilled and so knowledgeable in his field.

You can check out all his work on his instagram @Pinsent_Tailoring.

Pictures by

Sharron Hill Photography

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