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Mya’s Letter to herself. A beautiful touching piece of writing she wrote to herself as if she were sitting at her hospital bedside, just after her life changing accident.

Hey all!
My name is Mya Lynn, I’m 20 years old, I live in Chicago USA and for the past 17 months I have lived with a cervical level spinal cord injury. My injury was sustained through unwarranted violence, but I have been blessed with the ability to have a positive attitude. With that being said, in honor of spinal cord injury awareness month (September) I wrote a letter to my newly injured self. This letter isn’t just for me, it’s for anyone out there who is struggling to stay positive.
It gets better!

“A Letter to my Newly Injured Self”

Dear girl on the left,

You can’t talk right now , you can’t move right now and I know that you’re scared. I know you’re replaying the violence that put you here and over in your head. I know you understand what’s going on right now but you can barely think, you’re in a lot of pain and just wish that you could breathe. There are people praying over you, but you fall in and out of sleep.
They say there is 10% chance that you will ever move a thing,but I’ve had a glance into your future and let me tell you what I’ve seen.
In just 9 days you will relearn how to breathe, you’ll start to move your arms a bit and smiles will break free. You’ll be here for the next two months, it will fly by you’ll see. Then you’ll move on to a rehab hospital to focus on therapy. Every day you get stronger and learn new skills to thrive. You’ll talk about what happened and be grateful to be alive. You’ll lose a lot of people that you thought were your friends. In the end you’ll be okay cause you learn what friendship truly is .
Fast Forward sixteen months and you’re writing this to you, you’ve made amazing accomplishments you won’t believe its true. You can feed yourself with those arms that they said you’ll never move. You can even move your legs Mya you’re doing really good. You’ve now learned to adapt things that you never thought you could. Sitting balance by yourself without worry of a fall. You have an amazing attitude and you can conquer it all. You’re currently in college working on a degree, you have so many goals and you’re strength inspires many. You’re close with your family and have great people in your life. You’re becoming your best self and people wonder why.
I will tell you… The victim on the left has become the SURVIVOR on the right.

A big thanks to Mya for sharing her story with us and this amazing piece of honest powerful writing.

At only 20 years old .. watch this space theres more of our creative collaboration to come, this is just the start 🙂

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