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We chat to photographer Diana about life and her new exhibition….

– How?s your day been?

My day is been amazing so far and I am really looking forward to what it is to come.

It started by waking up in Mykonos in a beautiful house with a gorgeous view, followed by a nice relaxing massage, and surrounded by wonderful friends. Pretty magical.

– So what made you become a photographer?

My love for humanity.

– When did you start?

When I was sixteen.

– Tell us about your up and coming exhibition?

FREE WOMEN?is a feminist-driven and semi-biographical show inspired by different episodes of my life. ?It is an ode to freedom of expression, to be comfortable in your own skin. A celebration of my friends, life and work.

– Who?s the best person you have photographed?

They have all been the best. It is impossible to choose one. I always try to bring the best out of my sitters so they have all been wonderful and I constantly learn so much from them.

– How do you feel about the pressure on women in the media on their bodies?

I think the media and the world is giving humanity pressures on every aspect of our lives and that of course includes the way we look, but also the way we think, act, behave, love, feel and so on. I believe in being a non conformist, challenging stereotypes, empowering people and living with freedom.

– What?s the right size for a model to be?

There is no right or wrong size . I just believe in having a healthy body and mind.

– Should models be helped or allowed to be a healthier weight?

Of course.

– How can we do that?

By embracing beauty of all shapes, forms, colours and types.

– What?s your idea of feminism?

I believe in gender equality.

– Is it different being a female photographer and photographing women compared to male photographers?

I think it depends on the individual, once again it is not down the gender but to personal style.

– Is there anything male photographers need to understand more when photographing female models?

I think some photographers need to understand certain values but I guess that is my opinion and it is subjective. I respect people?s styles and ideas unless they are exploitative and unkind.

– What?s your feelings about female nudity in media?

I love the female body and I will always respect and champion both the female and male form if portrayed in an empowering and beautiful way.

– How would you help your friends be more positive?

I will always make them celebrate what they have, encourage them to be grateful, kind and empathetic to one another.

– How could the industry become healthier?

By being more positive as stated above.

– We need to fill the world with more love, how do we do that?

By showing empathy, kindness and gratitude. It will all then multiply and come back right at you.

– The next issue of HEY GIRL is going to be “scent and sight” …. what?s the last most powerful smell you can remember?

When I woke up this morning the fresh scent of the sea breeze.

– Any questions for HEY GIRL?

How?s your day been?


Its been good … working on making the world/life more positive !! you know the normal Monday objectives 🙂 ha ?ha xx

We are excited to say that Diana will be shooting for us on the next issue !!

For more info go to?

You can join her on the 24th August for the opening of my exhibition Free Women at Pikes?in Ibiza!

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