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Words by Roisin McCormack

Message in a Magazine

As we’re all about putting out positive messages; this morning, donned in raincoats, armed with coffee, and with 5 copies of the latest issue in hand, we thought we’d see how far our message in a magazine could get.

Reworking the old school idea of putting a message in a bottle (you can tell we?re based by the sea), we gave our Body and Soul issue out to five young women on their way to catch their train. We encouraged them to, once finished reading, write a positive message inside the magazine and pass it on to a fellow commuter or a friend: and so the #HeyGirlJourney begins.

Fighting train journey boredom, spreading love, positivity and creativity – keep a look out for a copy of Hey Girl on your next journey. Let us know how far these messages have got, and keep the cycle going. The person who picks it up the furthest away wins a prize – so keep your eyes peeled, and your minds open, and engage with our fabulous photos and features.

#spreadthelove #HeyGirlJourney

photos by Simon Clemenger

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