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Smells We Love: The Perfumer?s Story by Azzi


Our world is a collage of sensory experiences: the twinkle of light bouncing from a freshly popped bubble; the sound of two seagulls having a domestic; the warmth of a slept-in bed; the fusion of sugar and acid in an orange; the smell of grass having a haircut (just a trim).
When it comes to culture, each of our senses is officially, ceremoniously addressed. Our eyes are served up a smorgasbord of heart-stopping cinematography, dazzling fashion collections, vibrant art and daunting architecture. Sound waves heavily armed with infinite bass and treble combos overdubbed with poetic lyrics plug our ear canals. Swanky Michelin-star restaurants exist to lavish attention on our tastebuds with culinary treats. But what about smell? As yet, the only acknowledgement culture has shown to our noses is the faint whiff of synthetic strawberry on a plastic ball in a toyshop.


Cue The Perfumer?s Story by Azzi. Her collection is a foray into the unchartered waters of aromatic art, with each scent manifesting a detailed and nuanced aura only accurately describable through metaphor.?Twisted Iris?teleports you to a misted mossy forest, loaded with flora and fauna and well-staffed with tweety birds.?Old Books?sends you back to an authentic country pub, with years of port, cigar smoke and vivacious deep-voiced conversations absorbed into its wooden wall panels, as you sit on a creaking metal-studded leather armchair and tip open a historic copy of Dickens on an overcast Sunday afternoon.
And no prizes for guessing where?Ditch?takes you. Designed in collaboration with Swiss director and drummer Jonas ?kerland, after one spray of?Ditch?you wake up in a grassy-fringed dew-earringed trench, still boozy from the night before wearing last night?s jeans, as you sink your hands into the crumbling soil to stand vertical and stagger merrily home, hiccuping on every third step. It?s the first time I?ve found fragrances that evoke such vivid imagined memories.
In essence, The Perfumer?s Story by Azzi is a collection of personalities encased in quiet simple glass bottles, escaping through the spray nozzles. And if you get the chance to zip up to Harrods, each of them are well worth meeting.


When having a chance meeting at Wilderness festival with Azzi and her scents we knew we had to create …. so for our next issue “SCENT AND SIGHT” …we are collaborating !!!! By using her scents to flow our minds into creative inspiration for our new set of portraits ….. GET your eyes and noses ready going to amazing !!


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