Get to Know: Sofie

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By Bianca Gerlach

Get to Know: Sofie

Currently finishing her MA in Art History at the Open University, model Sofie Nielander gains her inspiration through the arts, travelling and her work with creative people. With a very versatile look and the heart of a model, ?and a food-lover, she truly lives for her passion! Collaborating with her friend Adrianna Gradziel who is a photographer, model and actress, as well, she is working on a special cookbook right now which will include everything they both love, such as cooking, art, fashion and photography.

Find a little sneak peak of her work and life below and follow her on Instagram here.


photo credits:

1. Statuesque, by Eric Traore
2. Inspired by Tamara de Lempicka, by Angelika Buettner
3. Dutch masters, by Sacha Goldberger
4. Marie-Antoinette for the 2008 Lavazza calendar, by Finlay MacKay
5. Still life for Svarovski, by Bruno Dayan
6. La blanche et noire, inspired by Man Ray, by Adrianna Gradziel

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