Behind the Scenes: Tuuli

 In Behind the Scenes

By Bianca Gerlach

Behind the Scenes: Tuuli

Cutting up t-shirts, playing cool tunes and being creative with new team members; stylist – Scott Robert Clark, hair – Jue-jue and our fave makeup artist – Alex Crown. This is a striking moment when you collaborate with the world of yoga teacher and model Tuuli. We shot Tuuli on the rooftop balcony of her flat in Kentish Town, with London’s inspiring skyline and moody weather. Besides being married to one of today’s most successful photographers Rankin, Tuuli is a well known London yoga teacher, mum to all her naughty dogs and all round star! Find a sneak peek of the behind the scenes imagery we created with her for our Third issue – “Body and Soul” out in August/September 2016

Follow her new yoga instagram – @tuuliyoga

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