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By Bianca Gerlash

Been there, seen it, done it, got the Hey Girl Tshirt.

A little insight story of?Julie Zeger,?an American beauty, model and talent scout with 20 years experience. We shot Julie on Brighton?s lovely (nudist) beachside. Though we didn?t know it was the nude beach, where there were quite a few actual naked people, we got some great shots and had a quite a hilarious time.

Julie is one of those timeless beauties that are seldom found in this industry of youthful dominance. After many years of so so many great and some negative experiences, Julie still rocks it with classic and edgy looks with a true belief that you can never travel enough in your life.

?I guess it?s a matter of luck and that I am always changing my look to keep my type interesting for the clients. You have to be versatile and evolve with the industry,? a true statement from a model that keeps being true to herself.?

Starting at a modelling school in the glorious 90?s, Julie experienced a successful start in her career at Ford Models and ended up partying with supermodels, such as Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. Besides earning the money, she had the pleasure of living a jet set life with loads of fun stories to tell. For example this one shoot for a lingerie brand, which went quite different than expected? Julie was told to stand within a crowd of dressed up models – completely naked! This was supposed to be like a bad dream where everybody was wearing clothes, except for her? And where was the lingerie? Exactly!

Obviously the modelling business has a lot of dangers and unprofessional people. Julie once discovered that an assistant had taken pictures and a recorded video of her on a shoot and then uploaded it to Youtube with little fish characters moving around, naturally, she was shocked. That said, Julie can handle almost every situation, with absolute professionalism. In becoming the greatly experienced model she is today, Julie also decided to also work as a model scout, not only discover new talents, but also to prepare them for the industry.?

“There are few bad people out there, not only photographers but also clients or modelling agencies who will charge you $6,000 !! What I tell girls is that there is so much rejection, that you just always have to be in that head space where you are confident with yourself and live due to the motto: Take it or leave it!”.?

“It doesn?t matter if you are getting seasick on a boat while talking to a client, gain a few pounds or just don?t look exactly like the type the client is aiming for: Be yourself and say: Take it or leave it!”

Find Julie?s model scout page on Instagram here and feel free to ask her for advice.

Photography by Simon Clemenger

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