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Florida artist, Mason Rose Gray. Her latest track “SURVIVE”

Florida artist, Mason Rose Gray. Her latest track “SURVIVE” is the ultimate track for reclaiming your power after a painful break-up. The track bleeds in pain and Billie Eilish-esque tenderness, with moving, husky vocals flooded in emotion and juxtaposed feelings.

Her start in life wasn’t easy. Growing up in poverty, her dreams were put on the backburner, while her family struggled to find money for food and clothes. Her father was controlling and abusive, leaving her feeling powerless. She confides, “Eager to escape that life I put my focus, drive and ambition into pursuing a career that would sustain me financially. I got my bachelors degree in nursing before the age of 21. I vowed to never go back. Although, never fully processing my childhood, the fear of abandonment led me into a long term relationship.” Soon beginning to feel controlled by her girlfriend, Gray felt desperate to escape the housewife trap and reconnect with her true authentic self.


Whilst nursing a mentally dark place, Gray fought through the pain and heartbreak, with songwriting allowing her to express this. Her intimate, debut single “SURVIVE” was written during a bittersweet period of her life. Inspired by the end of a nine-year relationship, the track details the need for soul-searching and reclaiming her life. Gray divulges, “After my relationship, it was the first time I had been alone and on my own. Sitting at my dining table I looked to my left and old flowers were covered in cobwebs. That’s how my first line came about. The rest developed while hiking and doing a lot of soul searching. I used pain, heartbreak and love from my childhood, adolescence and adulthood.”

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