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Swedish singer-songwriter Gabby Wilson’s latest single “The End” is a eulogy for a relationship past the point of saving…

While she mourns, Wilson couldn’t resist glossing the track with an offbeat, bittersweet coating. It speaks to Wilson’s instincts as a pop singer, with a capital P, unafraid to shake up everything you’ve come to expect.

“The End” is a pop-indebted final fanfare, complete with theatrical sweeps, yet it’s far from conventional. While she wears her vulnerabilities on her sleeve with rolling drums and twinkling piano, the track also fizzes with synths and distortion. The track has the golden touch of Phil Greiss (Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, J Balvin) who has mixed and mastered “The End” to a highly polished sheen.

Gabby Wilson’s music is not just sonic, but sensory. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s style is a canvas spattered with a thousand influences – it looks as striking as it sounds.


With the release of this track, another side to Gabby Wilson unfolds. As well as co-writing on Katrina Stuart’s fizzy banger “In My Veins“, her debut single “Hug It Out” was an infectious pop confection about barely concealing the cracks of a relationship falling apart at the seams. With the likes of Human Human, Lefuturewave and Clout on board with Gabby Wilson, she’s already promising to be a new rising star in the world of Scandipop.

“The End” is the next – and final – chapter in that story. She says:

“I wrote this song after my long-term partner and I decided to go our separate ways to kill a relationship that was killing us. It’s about having unfulfilled dreams, and the everyday coming between you both in a relationship. Even when you break up you find yourself still unable to fully let go.”

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