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Singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose has dropped her long-anticipated debut EP Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds. Skillfully bridging the gap between ethereal indie-folk and big and bold pop ballads, this stunning five-track EP is a journey through Rose’s mind and emotions exploring both the highs and lows of life. The poetic lyricism, powerful ballad vocals and glaze of pop gives the ultimate collection of relatable bangers.

Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose writes beautiful, intimate piano ballads, carried by her incredible, larger-than-life voice. Her songs are reminiscent of Adele’s stirring style and have a dreamy, cinematic flair evocative of Lana del Rey. Nana’s delicate, poetic lyrics explore the meaning of human connection in an ultra-competitive, individualistic world. As a child, Nana started playing the violin, the classical influence of which is still reflected in her carefully crafted melodies and arrangements. In combination with later inspirations like Lianne la Havas and Matt Corby, a unique pop-sound steeped in melancholy and weltschmerz has been born. 


Her long-anticipated debut EP Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds, presents a truly riveting body of work that showcases her incredible talent as both a songwriter and vocal performer in all its facets and glory. Skillfully bridging the gap between ethereal indie folk and big and bold pop ballads, Nana has created relatable anthems for the masses. 

The EP embodies the two sides of extreme emotion that she explores throughout her songs, from dark despair to being on top of the world. Nana confides, ”The contradictions really portray the duality of feelings for me. While writing this EP I went through my own journey of self reinvention, and this search contained a lot of contrasting feelings that confused me.” 

The poppy indie number “4AM” encapsulates the feeling of wanting to be out and dancing – a feeling that everyone can relate to during those long months of lockdown. “Imagine closing your eyes and remembering a person you miss, wishing they were with you in that moment. To me, the song is filled with this urge to be free again, to connect with other people on the dancefloor again.” 

“Dream”, is a gorgeous ballad about parental love and makes the singer’s voice shine yet again. Nana reveals, “My parents have been the most dedicated parents I could have wished for and I love them so much, so this is kind of a love song from me for them.”

Nana has built a dedicated fanbase across the globe, having toured the UK, New York and The Netherlands. She was nominated for the 2020 Rotterdam ‘Song of the Year’ award and received airplay from notable stations in both the UK and on leading Dutch radio flagships. It has just been announced that Nana has been selected for this year’s ‘Popronde’, a prestigious showcase festival with various shows all across the Netherlands between September and November this year.

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