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Even on four hours sleep, Emmy Meli would always journal. During her shifts at the coffee shop, the 22-year-old scribbled between serving tables. While delivering drinks on the golf course, she’d steal glances at her notebook. Then on her day-off, Meli would record the week’s writings; tackling in one such session as an anthemic track inspired by a recent dream. The song soon to be heard around the world was titled, “I AM WOMAN.” With Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill as idols, it was perhaps inevitable that Meli would feel most fulfilled as a mouthpiece for contemporary feminism. Coupling a powerful message with hypnotic vocal stylings that straddle jazz, R&B, pop and funk, now, Emmy Meli just has one job, and the singer is poised for a pop takeover.

After lighting up the world with a much-needed message of empowerment, breakout soul singer and songwriter EMMY MELI has shared a very special performance video of her rapidly rising single “I AM WOMAN” via Disruptor/Arista Records/RCA.

In the clip directed by Lisa Eaton, EMMY delivers a stunning and showstopping rendition of the song backed by a six-piece live band. Between the simmering bass line and solid beat, her voice exudes energy and raw power. She flexes her dynamic range as she projects the central affirmation, “I am woman, I am fearless, I am sexy, I’m divine, I’m unbeatable, I’m creative. Honey, you can get in line.” 

“I AM WOMAN” has transformed from a social media phenomenon into an enduring generational anthem.

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