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***Warning is an Adult, over 18 website and definitely NSFW!!
(Not Safe for Work) is a creator-centred platform focused on providing a sex-celebrating and shame-free space for couples to share their love and lust with the world. The home of real-life partners filming their sex lives behind closed doors, Lustery allows these lovers to open those doors to a like-minded community of people who value real intimacy and emotion in porn.
“I’m a film director and producer interested in sex, sexuality and body politics…”

Founded in 2016 by Spanish filmmaker Paulita Pappel, Lustery started small but with game-changing ambitions. Lustery germinated within Berlin’s sex-positive community with the goal of capturing the candid intimacy and raw passion of people’s sex lives.

Paulita Pappel is a Spanish filmmaker and feminist pornographer. After studying comparative literature in Berlin, she worked both in front and behind the camera. She is the founder of Lustery, a platform dedicated to the sex lives of real-life couples from around the world. She also co-organizes and curates the Pornfilmfestival Berlin. Paulita works as a producer, performer, director, screenwriter and podcaster, and is an advocate for a sex-positive, consent-based culture.

“Don’t be ashamed, everyone is different, take your time to explore and discover what you like, it will change over time. “

How would you describe what you do?
I’m a film director and producer interested in sex, sexuality and body politics. The representation and visibility of diverse bodies, desires and sexual practices are key to promoting a sexpositive culture based on consent. I consider porn an entertainment format with the potential of liberating people sexually and opening up a much needed conversation in society about sexuality.

Why did you start
The motivation for creating Lustery was a fascination for showcasing the real sex lives of people. The main challenge: there’s always a performance factor in sex, especially when a camera is pointing at you. We thought that in order to come as close as possible to capturing genuine intimacy, we would take people that already have a sexual relationship with each other, leave them alone in the comfort of their own homes, and entrust the shooting to them, meaning that they can focus on what they most like and even make the camera part of their game.

What’s wrong with the big porn sites?
What’s wrong with the big porn sites is the same as what is wrong with any major corporation. Society has a porn problem! and the problem is that people don’t talk openly about porn and sex, and that as a result, porn becomes an easy scapegoat, publicly demonized and blamed for all societal problems. Porn is not the cause for misogyny or racism. Instead, it often reproduces sexism and racism as it mirrors society. By blaming porn as the source of these systemic issues, we take away the focus from many other areas of society where this scrutiny is really needed. This prejudice against porn also adds to the stigmatization of porn performers and, indeed, all sex workers. When we make statements such as “mainstream porn is bad”, we’re only reinforcing stigma and spreading shame and guilt. Diversity in porn is essential for myriad reasons, among them promoting healthy porn consumption –access to diverse porn allows viewers options and to make more proactive and informed decisions.

How can porn be more empowering for women?
Porn can be more empowering for everyone when we stop shaming people about their sexuality and porn preferences. Having negative feelings like guilt and shame around sex creates a culture of silence, where there is a lack of communication and information. We must stop seeing porn as a “special case”, as this leads to governments and businesses creating barriers for porn companies and making it harder for smaller and divers business to flourish. Porn should be eligible to receive state funding. Then more diverse people would create porn.

“I want Lustery to be a great archive of documentary porn, and a platform that educates around the topics of sex..”

What do porn audiences need to learn to become aware customers?
Porn is not for free. What you can be doing for encouraging high ethical standards in production, and diversity, and high production value, is pay for your porn. You will not only get better quality free of boner-killing ads, you will be supporting the porn you want to see.

What’s your dream for the future?
My dream is a society that offers plenty of resources for inclusive, sexpositive sex education. Where people learn how to communicate about their wishes and boundaries in order to live out a healthy sexuality, respecting each other. And where porn is not stigmatized anymore, but used both as entertainment and educative medium.

Whats the biggest thing you would like to teach young people about sex?
Don’t be ashamed, everyone is different, take your time to explore and discover what you like, it will change over time. 

What do you want to achieve?
I want Lustery to be a great archive of documentary porn, and a platform that educates around the topics of sex, sexuality and relationship and creates space for sexual exploration.

Big thanks to Paulita for giving us an interview and sharing her story.

***Warning this is an Adult over 18 website and definitely NSFW!! (Not Safe for Work)

Here’s her website  

Stay safe and love each other …

Big Love HG x

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