In Get to Know

Age: 24

Born: Russia

Height: 5?9?

Eyes: Blue

Lives: New York, USA

Loves: Horseback riding, traveling, skiing, photography.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hates: Selfishness, skepticism, spiders.????????


– Yo yo yo ….

– How?s your day?
Hey! My day was amazing. Went to see new exhibit at Gagosian gallery, had the best pilates class and then dinner with my girls.

– Have you seen new star wars yet?
No, not really. I?m not a big fan.

– What?s your nickname?
Friends call me ‘Kat’.

– When did you start modeling?
I was discovered at the age of 14, by the X-file model agency in my hometown. After awhile, I moved to New York, where I?ve been living for the past few years.

– How can women support women more?
Women should encourage, uplift and celebrate each other when need it.

– How can men support women?
Listen and pay attention to women. Women need to feel heard and understood. Also, give women space, but insert yourself into spaces where you can use your maleness to interrupt sexism.

– How can women support men?
Most importantly, women have give an emotional support to men. As they say, behind every great man is a great woman.

– How can people support people?
Learn to listen and spread your love around. It?s ok to be different and we should all learn to be more understanding to each other.

– How do you feel about the modeling industry regarding with body weight?
Modeling industry celebrates an ultra-thin body ideal for models which is naturally occurring in only 1 percent of the human population. In the future, I would be happy to see more diverse shapes and looks in the industry. I think everyone?s body is different and everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

– How would you change the media industry?
I would try to create more prosperous media industry by creating more educational and useful contents in different social media platforms.

– Are mannequin?s the right body size?
Most of the mannequins promoting unrealistic body shape. The comparison that occurs between consumers and the mannequins we see at the store is bound to have a major impact ? and often does in the form of low self-worth, negative body image and eating disorders.

– How many sunsets do you want in your life?
Every single one. Sunsets are my favorite.

– Where you going to go on your spaceship?
I would go to the moon to find out the true about all Moon conspiracies.

– What?s your photo shoot about?
It?s about having fun, be yourself, and wearing pink even when you live in a big city like NYC when people prefer everything black.

– Who?s your fav person in the world?
My Mom. She?s everything to me.

– What do you friends do to make you feel amazing?
They would take me out, indulge me or if I?m having difficult situation, try to help and support me in anyway.

– What?s on your playlist at the mo.?
DJ Satori, Lana Del Rey, Niia

– What the weather like today?
It?s snowing in NYC! So beautiful!

– How are you going to change the world?
I?m gonna make people around me happy:)

– Where you going on holiday this year?
Ski trip to Switzerland. Can?t wait!

– 2018 … What?s it going to bring for you?
New accomplishments in my career, meeting new create and interesting people with an amazing energy, travels to exotic places and explore the world

– How can HEY GIRL be a better magazine?
Just keep up the good work!

– How can we spread the love?
By giving and sharing the love with people around you. And the world will become a better place.

– What should our next theme be?
Natural beauty girls.

Big love xx HG


Photographer – Elena Bilko

Stylist – Anna Khitrina

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