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We chat to CAT an Art Pop Singer/Songwriter from LA, ooooh she has a sultry songbird tone and dark synth vibes, Influenced by pop culture and style.

So CAT ..where did that name come from?
My name is Catherine and it started as a family nickname. I was called Kitty Chan because my family and I was living in Japan at the time and the Sanrio Hello Kitty character is called Kitty-chan, so the nickname fit for me. I since then started introducing myself as Cat!

When did you start singing?
I?ve been singing my whole life. I did musicals as a kid and began songwriting when I was 7.

How does singing make you feel?
I feel my most confident when singing. I’ve grown to like my voice and the way I write and observe the world.

Whats your fav film of all time?
Jurassic Park.

What do you find hard in life?
I?m working on speaking up when something hurts me. I find that I usually shut down and will internalize, which is a self-reflection I touch on in Strawberry Milkshake.

What do you find easy in life?
Writing and creating! In addition to songwriting, I write screenplays, plays/musicals, books, and poems.

Who’s your music idol?
Prince and Debbie Harry.

How can music help people?
It helps make you understand you’re not alone. Everyone experiences ‘life’ events and feelings differently but there’s a special connection that brings people together in the storytelling and vulnerability that comes with music.

Whats LA like at the mo?
It’s in that state of confusion when it’s Fall but still 90 degrees. I’ve discovered a lot of living in LA is just dealing with traffic and how to get creative with hiding your sweat.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Still writing and making music and to be world touring!

What ten words describe yourself?
Caring, creative, homebody, introspective, funny, weird, ambitious, fun, hypochondriac, and an open book.

Where do you want to go on an adventure?
I have been wanting to go to Japan! I spent my early years of childhood in Tokyo and haven’t been back since. I would love to go back and explore, revisit places I can remember, and discover new places to explore. I also ‘stalk’ the TokyoSea Disneyland Instagram page time to time and that just furthers my case.

Make up a Hey Girl song lyric for us now .. ha ha ?
“I’m not just anybody I’m a Hey Girl and I love my body” <3 (haha).

You got a dance move?
I got a couple of moves! I love dancing. I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s never stopped me. My kitchen and living room are my favourite stages.

How you found any barriers with equality in your life?
It’s difficult in the workplace as a female artist. I will either be paid very little or not at all and with my style and clothing choices, men touch me or assume that’s what I want. It’s frustrating and appalling to have to apologize for my body and my rejection in order to feel safe. You shouldn’t have to apologize or be polite to those who make you feel small and weak.

How we going to make this messed up world a better place?
I’m not going to say to smile at strangers, but being aware of and caring for others makes a small, but big difference in someone’s day. Ask for proper pronouns, ask what you can do to help, ask how someone is, do favors without wanting something in return. If you can be there for your friends and loved ones, that’s already making a difference in someone’s world. There are so many things that are messed up, especially where the US is right now. But, if you can be there for someone who needs you, that’s the personal change you can bring about to make this world a better place.

Do you see patterns in your life?
I do! I do a lot of my best thinking when I?m in my car. It’s where I can blast music and yell, cry, or laugh. Cars are an intimate space for me. A lot of my songs take place when I’m driving.

Who do you see in the mirror?
How I see myself is constantly changing in both?a?literal and figurative sense. I have depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia, but I try to be strong and constantly am wanting to better myself for me and those who are around me. The reason why I say this is because these are certain things that a lot of people struggle with and shouldn’t be a taboo to talk about. The more we are open are with each other, the more opportunities there are for understanding each other. That’s why my music is about my stories and I hope people can relate.

A big thanks to CAT for this beautiful insightful interview .. xx

Go listen to CAT’s new single “Strawberry milkshake”…

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Photographer: No l Dombroski (ig: @sexypinata)

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