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Check out Becky from the punk band “Milk Teeth”

Age – 26

Zodiac sign – Aquarius

Lives – Stroud

Loves – Playing in a band

Hates – Injustice

How you doing Becky?
I’m ok, I haven’t been well so I’m writing this from the radiology department. Been a bit of an eventful day but I’m ok! Another story to tell!

What you got planed for the weekend?
This weekend is my friends birthday we are going bowling like when we were kids.

So, when did you start playing music?
There’s pictures of me sat at my gran?s piano from as young as two or three. Since then I’ve had a go at various different instruments and music groups in school and it never really left me.

How does music help you?
It’s everything. It’s the only thing I feel like I’m genuinely ok at or that I really give a shit about. Nothing I’ve done in my life have I put so much energy into as writing songs and writing how I feel. It’s become such a tool in me getting over things in my life and moving forward. It’s given me a voice, I’m a very introverted person I’m a deep thinker and I analyse everything. It’s given me the platform to speak out when I’ve at times felt insignificant.

How does the music industry need to change towards women?
A lot of the industry is still stuck thinking we are in the 60s and 70s era of Rock n roll when men had the power and women’s roles in music were more geared towards being objects of musicians desire than musicians themselves. That can still be prevalent today and I’ve seen my share over the four years of being in a band. All you can do is preach positivity, call out anyone who’s treating you like shit and explain why and wait for them to catch up to the year 2017.

How do you feel about the word girl?
Positive. I love being female, I love the female figure, the way women talk and build relationships. I come from a predominantly female family with lots of sisters and I love being able to share things with them and have that support. I love the complexity of our brains and how much fight women have and relentless determination because we can be seen as the inferior sex. The first women role models I had in music were the Spice Girls. They were the band I fell in love with when I was 5 and most of the bands I listen to know are made up of at least one female member, I love hearing what women have to say as much as men. I have a lot of time for women.

What?s it like, being you?
Turbulent. Complicated. Fun. A chaotic swing of stability to the unknown on a weekly basis but it keeps me on my toes.

How could HEY GIRL be a better magazine?
Bring Nirvana back from the dead for one last time

What would be your best day?
Sleeping in til like 9am. Not too late but not having to wake up too early! Making a coffee and having some breakie. Writing and playing music. Workout and shower. Go meet friends for lunch. Travel to play a show. Grab dinner with the boys at ?Spoons or some kind of Italian food. Play a show, jump back in the van have a few drinks. That’s when I’m most happy.

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
I want to be five albums deep and say that I’m proud of everything I’ve put out. I want to have more time for the things I enjoy and less worries for the things that don’t motivate me. I hope I’m happy.

What?s going on in the world?
A lot of good mixed with a lot of bad. In all the darkness that is taking place it’s an exciting time to be a part of because I really feel we are on the cusp of something starting to change / some kind of revolution.

What does the word feminism mean to you?
An even playing field for all

Can a guy be a feminism?
Of course, I encourage it! It just means you think we should have equal rights. Everyone should be a feminist.

10 words that describe you?

(Too) honest

Are you a punk? or what is a punk? do you care?
I’m just B

Who’s your idol?
The underdog

Next issue is about scent …. what smell has the most power, to you?
I love the smell of smoke from a bonfire, I associate bonfire both with bringing people together and also something dangerous that we are told to stay away from. I like that juxtaposition.

How do you help your friends to be positive?
Communication. It’s the thing I feel our generation and future generations are fucking up the most a lack of reality a lack of honesty a lack of sincerity and picking up a phone. And fun and self-care. When you’re struggling to be positive both those often go out the window. I want to make them feel good about themselves and give them even an hour of relief from whatever is going on. We all need that.

What?s your dream?
To continue to make music for as long as I can and not have to worry about anything else. I just want to be happy and be outdoors a lot surrounded by my friends. That’s all I need.

What?s your fav thing about making music?
Travelling the world from something that I write in my bedroom. I love meeting people I love seeing new things. I love that this has allowed me to do all of those things for however long it lasts I’m grateful.

If you had to make up an emoji for yourself what would it be?
A high kick, it’s my signature

You got any questions for HEY GIRL?
What’s your hot beverage of choice?
mmm got to be a?Cappuccino.. but should only drink it in the mornings the proper Italian way :)?
(but we drink it in the afternoons too #naughty) … that frothy coffee buzz … pow !!
Who inspires you to get out of bed?
Anyone that makes music to make you move.. too many to say… lets get up and create … got to have amazing tunes on all day !!!!


thanks Becky

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