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Nigerian-based production company Evolving Light Studios have announced the global release of their debut series, “Becoming Abi”

Inspired by true life events, “Becoming Abi” is loosely based on the experiences of the show’s creator and star Bolu Essien. The show follows a young millennial who grows through many daunting challenges while working in one of Nigeria’s leading advertising agencies. The six-part dramedy, which also stars Juliana Olayode, Biodun Stephen, Seun Ajayi, Akah Nnani, Stan Nze, Ifeanyi Kalu, Iya Rainbow, Benita A Okojie, sees Essien’s Abi navigate her new workplace – co-existing with her new bosses, exploring friendship, love triangles, and faith, in a fun, quirky, and relatable way.

“The advertising and marketing world is one I can relate to. I wanted to create a show that mirrors the highs and lows that young working professionals in Nigeria experience whilst on their journey to “Becoming”. This was what birthed “Becoming Abi”

Essien made her film debut in 2010 when “Dying With The King” (A Mount Zion production) was released on TV. At that time, she was studying Mass Communication at Bowen University in Nigeria. Her outstanding performance as a young doctor who was to be buried with a dead king led to a starring role in the 2012 film “Broken Bridges”, where she gave a stellar performance as a child from an abused home.

After a nine-year hiatus, Essien appeared in and produced the 2021 short film “Things That Broke Us”. She also directed and produced a documentary titled “Scars of Honour” that aimed to de-stigmatize caesarean section as an option of childbirth. Ultimately leading to her biggest project to date; “Becoming Abi”. In which Essien acts as the film’s lead, co-director, writer, and co-producer, alongside her husband Emmanuel Essien, as part of their production company Evolving Light Studios. The company went on to partner with Nigerian distributor FilmOne, which led to Netflix acquiring the series.

“Becoming Abi” will be released on Netflix globally on October 28th, 2022.

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