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Meet Gabriela Gauza

What do you love :
I love simple things. I love chilling at home with my dog, watching my favourite tv series, proper homemade dinner – I love love love.

Where were you born? – Santa Maria (a small city at the southernmost state of Brazil) Rio Grande do Sul

All about you :
I started modelling professionally at 18 years of age. I have travel to most countries in Asia, America and Europe and have met all sorts of people you can dream of. Graduated a year ago with a degree in Journalism but I haven’t done much in that field since modelling takes much of my time now a days. I married the man of my life, my best friend last year. Passed on my first practical driving test (which I’m very proud of.)
I also love to help people in need. The pleasure of bringing hope for a lost nation is what drives me to be more and more passionate in everything I do – being that professionally or personally. I’m also a very spiritual person. I believe in higher things – not from this world -but higher much higher and bigger.
I like sweet n’ salt popcorn. Coffee. Cheese. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. All day everyday.

What does natural mean to you??
Natural means to just be yourself and it happens when you don’t make much effort – it comes naturally and with ease not by someone telling what to do or feel.

Favourite thing about nature??
The sun. Beach. Water. I love animals. If I could live in the jungle – minus the spiders, cockroaches, insects in general – I would.

What gives you strength in life??
Knowing that life doesn’t stop here – we are just passing by this world. Also, setting new goals and achieving them.

If you could be an animal what would it be??
I would be an eagle. Definitely.

What gets you get through the day?
Knowing I will come home to my beautiful family and to have the feeling I have given my best in everything.

Whats been the most amazing thing you did with modelling ?
Most amazing thing… Erm. Can it be most amazing job? If so, most amazing job was a fashion editorial shot in the Maldives. We were there for a whole week but only worked for the first two days and stayed in this incredible villa… Amazing job/holiday I’ve ever had.

Gabriela Gauza

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